End to end product development

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Design Support

Concept Generation, Solid Modeling (SpaceClaim or SolidWorks), Manufacturing Drawings, Tolerance Analysis, Requirements Identification, Design Selection Tools

Specification Review

Analyses & Testing per ASME, ASTM, ANSI, and any other public industry standard or proprietary specification

Finite Element Analysis

FEA Using ANSYS Mechanical, Static & Transient, Linear or Non-Linear, Structural, Thermal, Vibrations, Complex Materials & Loading Scenarios

Manufacturing Support

Process development, Manufacturing Documentation, Supplier Visits, Tooling Design, Cell Design, Work Flow Mapping, Lean Manufacturing Techniques

Risk Management

Hierarchical Risk Management, Failure Modes & Effects Analysis, Human Factors Risk Assessments, Risk Management Plan, Poka Yoke, Mitigation by Labeling, Design, & Testing

Failure Analysis

Analysis and testing of failed components. Root cause analysis techniques including Fault Tree Analysis, Fish Bone Diagrams, 5 Why, etc.

3D Solid Models

Let us create original models of design concepts, or provide updates to your models based on analysis results. We can import and export all standard translated files


Interim and final reports for your design activity, customized to suit your audience and their required level of technical detail. Every report comes with an easy to read narrative in plain language as well as engineer to engineer technical output to meet all of your future needs.

Process Documents

Test plans, manufacturing instructions, inspection requirements, and even quality management system documents to meet your specific company needs.


We can prepare slide decks to walk your audience through the analysis and results. Available to give those presentations live in CA, OR, and WA or via teleconference nationwide.

3D Printed Models

We'll create 3D printed demonstration pieces for you, your team, and your managers / investors to evaluate first hand.

Cloud and Physical File Storage & Delivery

Reports and project documents are provided on private cloud storage for your firm as well as mailed on thumb drives.

PE Stamp

All documents are stamped by an active registered, licensed, and insured professional engineer.

2D Drawings

We can provide original or modified companion drawings to accompany your solid models


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Conference Calls

Available to sit in on conference calls to provide status updates, receive your direction, and provide input to your product development or evaluation process.Video, screen share, and large groups via GoToMeeting.

Audience Customization

We have expertise in crafting messaging for peers, involved managers, remote managers and executives, customers, government agencies, and regulatory bodies. We’ll customize our work product to the needs of your audience. Experienced working with AS 9100 and ISO 13485 firms.

Status Customization

We understand the types of analysis and reporting that are required at various project stages in different industries. We’ll customize our analysis to support early project scoping, late stage risk management, manufacturing issues, and field failure forensics.

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