About Focused Engineering

Focused Engineering provides customers with a comprehensive experience.  It is so much more than a provider of analytical services.

Sure, we’re happy to perform your small jobs and deliver quick results, but what we really specialize in is partnering with your product development or improvement team.

Friendly, collaborative, communicative support from project planning through completion.  The analytical expertise you need customized for your internal and external customers.

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About the President

Keith Kearsley

Keith Kearsley, PE

In some respects, Keith has been an engineer all his life. As a young child, he frustrated his parents by disassembling his mechanized toys in efforts to build robots using their components. Professionally, he has leveraged that passion into product development, manufacturing, and failure analysis across numerous industries and product types. He is well versed in a broad range of materials, design practices, mechanical features, manufacturing processes, loading scenarios, failure mechanisms, and customer types. In this next professional chapter, Keith is enjoying offering his analysis and consultation services publicly, working on exciting products with energetic and driven people.
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Sample Experience


Ventricular Assist Device

Technical Lead for a novel implanted transcutaneous compound driveline and tunneling tools (Patents 8,794,989 & 9,526,818). Extensive design, analysis, testing, and manufacturing preparations. Analysis included Titanium ratcheting arm, silicone and TPU bend reliefs, conductor fatigue. Critical to life hardware.

Space Station Water Recycling Tanks

Analysis and testing of edge welded bellows, explosion bonded fittings, welded aluminum housings, glass filled epoxy bonding, dry film lubrication, heat treat effects, weld microstructure, pressure vessel code, cyclic fatigue analysis with high stress concentrations, weld defect specification, clean room design & process restrictions

F-35 Bootstrap Accumulator

Technical Lead for a maintenance free high pressure hydraulic accumulator. Analysis and testing of random flight vibration (PSD), weapons bay gunfire vibration, structural and hydraulic shock, Pressure vessel weld development and testing up to 16,000 psi hermetically sealed gas precharge. Electron beam, TIG, and laser welding.

mars Lander Freon Accumulator

Analysis and testing of a small edge welded bellows under a broad range of deflection, thermal, and vibration environmental conditions. Critical unserviceable space hardware.

Airborne Laser Gimble Torque Couplings

Analysis and testing of large edge welded bellows under high torque. Critical buckling mode investigations. Mission critical performance criteria.

Semi-Conductor Processing Seals

High cycle fatigue design constraints, design for infinite life & negligible crack propagation. Flexible weld hermetic seal applications


stainless steel
Nickel Alloys
Silicone Rubber
Tool Steel



TIG, MIG, EB, Laser, Resistance of Titanium, Stainless Steel, High Nickel Alloys in complex geometry around sensitive features

Heat Treat

Precipitation hardening, tempering, stress relief in argon quench vacuum furnaces with Titanium “getters” and sub-zero cool


Manager of R&D machine shop, wire EDM, CNC milling & lathes, hydraulic press, knurling, grit blasting, inspection tools


Slides, compression molds, acetal, silicone (LSR, HCR), polyurethan, heated cores, large irregular cavities, varied thickness


TPU and silicone, hollow core & braided aramid and metal fiber substrate, read thru and cure studies

3D Printing

Prototyping in various polymer materials with mechanically removed and dissolved supports


Direct metal laser sintering prototyping and production hardware, microstructure analysis


Anodizing, painting, adhesives, lubrication, plasma & chemical etching, laser marking

Research and Development

Solid Modeling

Solidworks sketching, modeling, and drawings per ASME Y14.5. Modeling for CNC, additive manufacturing, & general manufacturability. Formal training through CAP Inc. (Now Trimech)


SolidWorks Cosmos & ANSYS Mechanical (and predecessors) spanning entire career. Directly performed & supervised. Formal training through Simutech Group.


Feasibility assessment, environmental interactions & reactions, design performance, verification & validation, final bench and clinical testing for customers & regulatory submissions

Project Management

Task mapping, assignment, & monitoring. Resource mgmt., budgeting, executive status updates, project buffer mgmt

Risk management

Failure Modes & Effects Analysis, Human Factors Risk Assessment, Hierarchical Risk Identification & Mitigation Structures & Methods


Proof-of-concept, assess manufacturability, compare design options, directional guidance, iterate design, obtain buy-in

Scope Definition

Phase 1 project definition, goal setting, schematic functional diagrams, executive buy-in


WPI Corporate Training covering all aspects of Y14.5, 2009


To all internal and external customers