Sample Analysis: Heat Exchanger

Under pressure, its easy to think that the fastest path to a design is to quickly build and test a prototype.  However, unless you're lucky enough to get it right on the first try, you're going to have to build and test iteratively until you do.  Suddenly you've lost a month and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

There's a better way!  Design by simulation!  No prototyping.  No test set up.  No customized tooling.  Just take your design files and test them virtually.  See how they respond to heat, pressure, vibrations, and more.  Run many tests for a variety of configurations in a fraction of the time.  Then, when you do test a prototype, you'll get much better results right away.  Its the smart approach for every design from a start up widget to a Class III medical device.

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Sample Output Video 


Sample Report


Explicit Calculations

Ansys Viewer Files

Take a closer look.  The video and sample report above were generated from specific analyses.  You can interact with the output files for each analysis using a free viewer.  Just download the viewer and any one or more of the output files and you'll be able to zoom, pan, rotate, and cross section each result in a 3D virtual environment.